OG剑桥雅思官方指南Test5Section1听力原文与答案 City Transport Lost Property Enquiry

OG剑桥雅思官方指南Test5Section1听力原文与答案 City Transport Lost Property Enquiry


OG Test5 Section1听力原文

Staff member: Hello. City Transport Lost Property. How can I help you?

Woman: Oh, hello. Yes, I’m, er, calling about a suitcase I lost yesterday. I don’t suppose I’ll get it back but I thought I’d try.

Staff member: Well, some people do hand lost items in so you might be lucky. Let’s put the details into the computer.

Woman: OK.

Staff member: Right, so, let’s start with a description of the suitcase.

Woman: OK, well, it’s small, and it’s the type you can pull along on wheels.

Staff member: How about the colour?

Woman: Yes – it’s black but not exactly plain black – it has some narrow stripes down it, sort of grey. Actually – no, they’re white (Q1) now I think about it

Staff member: OK, I’ll just add that information. Now were there any items inside it?

Woman: Yes. I had a big bunch of keys in there. Luckily my assistant manager has an identical set so she’s going out this morning to get some copies made.

Staff member: So, they’re for your office (Q2)?

Woman: That’s right. My house keys were in my pocket, thank goodness.

Staff member: Anything else?

Woman: Um, there were a lot of documents, but they’re saved on my laptop anyway, so, er, they don’t matter so much. But the thing I’m really worried about – I mean, , I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet – is a camera (Q3) I just bought. That’s really why I’m calling. I can’t believe I’ve lost it already.

Staff member: I see. Well, let’s hope we can find it for you. Was there anything else?

Woman: I don’t think so.

Statt member: Any credit cards?

Woman: They were in my handbag. And I had my passport inside my jacket pocket.

Staff member: Money, clothing, any personal items?

Woman: Oh, let me think. I had an umbrella (Q4). It was black, not blue, but obviously that isn’t as important as the other things.

Staff member: No, but it all helps us identify your property and get it back to you. Anyway, I just need to ask you for some basic details about your journey. So it was yesterday. was it?

Woman: That’s right. In the afternoon – around 2 pm, maybe 2.30.

Staff member: OK. So that’d be May the 13th (Q5).

Woman: Yes. I was heading to Highbury. That’s where I live.

Staff member: All right, and you mentioned a passport. I think. So you were coming from the airport (Q6). I presume.

Woman: Yes – and I was looking forward to getting home so. much – and what with being tired and everything – I think that’s why I just forgot about the case.

Staff member: And how were you travelling when you lost your property? I mean, what kind of transport were you using?

Woman: I thought about getting the train, but that would have meant a bus journey as well, and I couldn’t be bothered so I decided to take a taxi (Q7) eventually. That’s where I must have left it.

Staff member: Well, that’s good news in a way. It’s more likely that a driver would have found it and handed it in.

Woman: I hope so.

Staff member: Well, I need your personal details now. Can I have your full name, please?

Woman: Yes. It’s Lisa Docherty (Q8). I’ll spell that for you. It’s D-O-C-H-E-R-T-Y.

Staff member: Thank you. And next, if I could have your address – the best address to send you the property if we manage to locate it?

Woman: Sure. It’s number 15A River (Q9) Road – and that’s Highbury, as I said.

Staff member: Thank you. Just a moment. There’s just one final thing – that’s your phone number.

Woman: I guess my mobile would be best. Er, hang on. I can never remember my own number. OK. I’ve got it. It’s 07979605437 (Q10).

Staff member: Very well. I think that’s everything we need at this end. I’ll have a look at the data on …

OG Test5 Section1听力答案

1. white

2. office

3. camera

4. umbrella

5. 13th May

6. airport

7. taxi

8. Docherty

9. River

10. 07979605437


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