房屋短缺-雅思写作优缺点-雅思大作文范文 shortage of housing

房屋短缺-雅思写作优缺点-雅思大作文范文 shortage of housing



In many countries, there is a shortage of housing due to a growing population. Some people argue that new towns should be built in the countryside, others argue for the regeneration of cities. What are the advantages and disadvantages of building new towns in the countryside?




With around eight billion population in the world, many cities have little spaces to accommodate the growing number of population and their housing. Thousands of people are moving to the urban areas each day for better jobs, modern facilities, education and healthcare services only to increase the woes the cities already have. To solve the housing and other pressing issues due to the booming of the population, many people opine that constructions of new cities near rural areas are the best solution while this measure has its advantages and drawbacks.



First of all, building new cities near the countrysides would require a huge budget. Since many underdeveloped and developed countries already have a scarcity of budgets even to support the basic needs of citizens, taking such initiatives would uplift their debts only. Besides, , constructing new cities close to countrysides would require destroying farming lands and natural geography which will have severe consequences including deforestation and degradation of lands. Further, such cities would be far away from the main cities and if the government fails to provide every facility that the already established cities have, people would not stay there and this possess a chance of the wastage of money in the long run. Finally, many cities already have severe congestion problem and building such new cities near rural areas would make the situation worse as people’s necessity for commuting to these new cities would increase.



On the other hand, accurate planning and proper execution of establishing new cities near rural areas rather than regenerating existing cities have many merits. First of all, this would be an excellent way to solve the housing problems many cities have. If the government can ensure proper facilities in the newly constructed cities, the pressure on current cities would decrease tremendously. This would result in less traffic congestion, decentralisation, less pollution and better life standard in both types of cities. Newly built cities would open many new job facilities and that would help the adjacent rural areas to develop as well. No doubt the constructions would require a huge budget, but the government will have an excellent opportunity to control many business sectors there to earn a steady revenue. Finally, these new cities would have modern buildings and new constructions which would fight better against the natural calamities like the earthquake.



In conclusion, building new cities near rural areas is a plan that can bring many amenities both for the citizens and the government in a country. It can be an excellent way for solving housing and pollution problems in existing cities though some negative consequences of this plan should be taken into consideration.



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