reducing environmental pollution and housing problem to prevent illness and disease 雅思写作8.5分范文

reducing environmental pollution and housing problem to prevent illness and disease 雅思写作8.5分范文



Some people think governments should focus on reducing environmental pollution and housing problem to help people prevent illness and disease. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




Human diseases and disorders have been alarmingly blowing high these days. With each passing day, we come to terms with the advent of a disease after it has already surfaced on the grounds of human immunity. Many people hold the view that it is the environmental hazards and the housing shortcomings that have aggravated the health status of people today. I am in complete alignment with this proposition and shall be explicating the reasons for the same.



The environmental pollutants have reportedly caused some severe respiratory disorders and grave syndromes. The increase in the particulate sizes of the treacherous pollution agents has disgruntled the lungs and heart statuses of the people. The harmful gaseous discharges from the factories, vicious fumigations from the chimneys and the dangerous effluents that are discharged in the water bodies have similarly exacerbated the illness proportion of the people. The advancement made in agricultural strides that have prospered the heights of it has to a large extent, deteriorated the environmental degradation and therefore, the increment in the ailments of the people today. For instance, the use of DDT in the insecticides and the deleterious pesticides and herbicides that are fumigated on the crop plants and the surface run-off causing it to be disposed-off in the water bodies and thus poisoning the marine life, severely affect us when we consume the seafood.



Similarly, the erroneous housing patterns and establishments have failed the health line of the population today. The people living in slums and the dingy ambience are twice as prone and vulnerable to fall ill as compared to the ones living in somewhat better situations. The pathetic sanitation and waste disposal plans and facilities that are generally overlooked in the cases of destitute households, often are the major causative agents of underlying disorders. For example, the growth of infectious bacteria and other microorganisms that thrive in the contaminated water and ditches promote the infectivity of such health and environmental deterrents that could be mitigated if correct rectifying measures are taken by the concerned authorities in this regard by providing people with better living conditions and with clean surroundings.



In conclusion, the inference that could be made is that government should fortify and pay attention to the betterment of environmental degradation factors and improving the housing patterns of the people living in poverty and that would be a substantial aid in preventing the disease that could be possibly morphed into a serious threat to the humans.



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