Students in university should specialize in one subject 雅思写作教育类7分范文

Students in university should specialize in one subject 雅思写作教育类7分范文



Some people think that university students should specialize in one subject, while others think universities should encourage students to learn a range of subjects. Discuss both views and give your opinion.



Students in university should specialize in one subject rather than develop a wider range of different subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




Whether to require their students to take classes in many subjects or require them to specialize in one specific subject has long been a controversy among universities. In my eyes, learning different subjects would enrich the students’ knowledge, would help them expand their social circles and horizons and benefit their resumes. This is why I believe it is better to be required to learn many different subjects.



To begin, the main advantage of studying different subjects is that the students would be exposed to varied information they wouldn’t be exposed to by specializing in one subject. Students would extend their knowledge in Mathematics, Science, History and many others. When students are required to specialize in just one subject they may be well educated over that specific subject, but would be clueless regarding any others.



Furthermore, students would be able to meet more students with different perspectives and points of view. For example, the type of students that studies Arts is not like the one studies Mathematics, while the former would be more creative and spiritual the latter would be calculated and logical. The students that would learn in several different classes are more likely to meet different people and learn from their experience than students specializing in one subject.



In addition, knowledge equals power. By knowing varied information, students would become more appealing in the eyes of a future employer. A company manager would want to hire people with as much knowledge as possible; this would put students with one speciality at a disadvantage. Having a wide range of knowledge would contribute to the students’ professional status.



In conclusion, I believe it is obvious that universities that require their students to know different subjects would benefit their students the most. A wide range of knowledge would drastically improve different aspects of the students’ lives; work, school and their social lives, as mentioned above.



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