rich countries should allow jobs for employees-雅思写作同意与否-雅思大作文范文

rich countries should allow jobs for employees-雅思写作同意与否-雅思大作文范文



Rich countries should allow jobs for skilled and knowledgeable employees who are from poor countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




Some people believe that developed countries should permit qualified job seekers who are from developing and underdeveloped countries, however, some others argue that it does not necessarily have to impose that discretion. This is not a trivial question to answer. Personally, I agree that there should be such permission for finding jobs from wealthy regions for workers who are originally from poor regions based on national cooperation in encountering poverty and mutual advantages point of views.



To begin with, fighting poverty is an international responsibility, thus there should be some cooperative efforts between rich and poor regions. Since unemployment may be a major concern triggering poverty in destitute areas, one solution to overcome this problem is by creating a joint-partnership with rich countries that have to allow workers who meet the requirement of skills and knowledge to work. By applying this discretion, skilled employees from poor areas can be harnessed to run work effectively and they also may learn and gain experiences of how working in a progressive area and can bring back this experience to their origin for improvement.



Furthermore, employing required and talented people from deprived regions can contribute to a mutual advantage between prosperous and poor cities. For successful cities, this idea can help increase their regional income as knowledgeable human resources are available to operate their factory and other occupation. Meanwhile, for deprived cities, it will help to cope with poverty because skilled citizens can elevate their earnings to accomplish a better life ahead.



Nature of business and globalisation require rich nations to have talented individuals from different parts of the world to better understand the customer segments of other nations and to market their products and service properly. Organisation like Google, Microsoft and Samsung already have employees from different countries and other organisations in rich countries should follow this trend as well.



All in all, employing skilled and qualified workers from poor regions may be a form of national understanding in tackling poverty as well as sharing mutual benefit between rich and poor countries. Life will have a balance when everything is adequate, is not it?



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