long working day is helpful for countries to become economically successful 雅思写作8分范文

long working day is helpful for countries to become economically successful 雅思写作7.5分范文



Some countries have a long working day, which is helpful for them to become economically successful, but it also causes some negative social problems. To what extent do you agree or not?




In some countries working long hours is regarded as the norm. Economic success resulting from long work hours comes at a price for families, people’s health and may contribute to higher unemployment. In my opinion, the long term consequences are too grave to ignore and an effort must be made to reduce long working hours.



The most serious effect of working overtime constantly is putting employee’s health at risk and causing illness, early retirement or even premature deaths. When working long hours it is more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, like finding time to exercise and relax. An unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stress-related illnesses. Being chronically overworked can also cause psychological problems, like burnout, depressions or even suicides. All these health problems can cause high immaterial and material cost to society.



Another problem is the workforce’s limited time for social contacts and families. Long work hours do not make a very family-friendly environment. People may find it hard to raise children and work. In particular, women may have to decide against working or having children. Because of long work hours, some employees will not find the time for a relationship or family at all and remain single. Consequently, birth rates are likely to fall, which can for example be observed in Japan. A low birthrate might leave society with an ageing population and results in many hard to solve problems.



Lastly, companies that require longer work hours will employ fewer people in total. It is obvious that if people would only work regular hours more people would be employed instead of some people being overworked and other unable to find work. The society has picked up the bill for most of the cost of unemployment and the consequences of people working too much.



In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of long work hours exist only short-term. The negative effects are a burden to society. It would be beneficial if governments and companies understand the long-term cost and limit long work hours to short-term overflow work.



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