only a few languages are increasing in use 雅思写作7.5分范文

only a few languages are increasing in use 雅思写作7.5分范文



Around the world, only a few languages are increasing in use, the use of many other languages is declining. It is a positive or negative development?




The deepening process of globalization has strengthened the status of several dominant languages while pushed others to the edge of extinction. As far as I am concerned, this seemed to be a positive trend.



Firstly, the falling number of languages promotes the spread of knowledge. Most researches and scientific findings are currently published in the author’s language, causing a great deal of trouble for foreign scholars to refer to. To obtain relevant information, they must either learn the language by themselves, which can take years, or resort to translation services, which can cost a fortune. However, if there are only a limited number of languages left, even scientists in a remote country can immediately learn about the latest progress in their field. This convenience will facilitate their corporation and shorten the time needed to make a breakthrough.



Secondly, companies, many of which conduct their business abroad, can also benefit from this phenomenon. The existing language barrier often obstructs them from gaining a thorough understanding of their targeted markets and customers. Consequently, the advertising campaign they adopt and the products they publish may not satisfy the needs of local residents and thus often suffer from failure. By contrast, if they use the same language, the chance of misunderstanding will be minimized because it would be a lot easier for them to consult their clients directly. The following success will encourage them to further expand their business and reap more profits.



In conclusion, the diminishing number of languages is a predestined consequence of globalization, and because it will fuel the free circulation of knowledge and capital, I believed it is an overall positive development.



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