reading stories in books is better than watching TV or playing computer games 雅思写作7分范文

reading stories in books is better than watching TV or playing computer games 雅思写作7分范文



Some people think reading stories in books is better than watching TV or playing computer games for children. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




While it has been said that reading books for pleasure rather than watching TV is more beneficial for one’s imagination and acquiring language skills, I contend that the role of the former in boosting intelligence and language ability is equal to the latter.



On the one hand, books are instrumental in enhancing children’s imagination. A kid reading a fairy tale with illustration will have to think, fantasize and use their creativeness to comprehend ideas and reasoning, which in turn sharpen their mental skills. Moreover, reading books helps to improve language skills. Spending time reading a book that is not written in our mother tongue leads to the development of a strong language base referring to its vocabulary, or comprehending the meaning of a word in different contexts. Besides, reading out a book for children is also an effective way to help them improve their communication skills, which is greatly stimulated as the kids grab a spoken word and use it in daily conversations.



On the other hand, watching TV is considered an important activity as reading in order to cultivate one’s imaginativeness regarding the characteristics of programs. Firstly, when audiences watch a tourism channel, for example, they are exposed to a wide range of knowledge by seizing images of worldwide landscapes or feeling tastes of specialities in various geographical regions. The broadcasting of quiz shows serves as an efficient learning tool for both children and adults who prefer taking challenges that involve critical thinking. Secondly, the role of TV in boosting linguistic competence is pivotal. Recent English programs not only support the audience to remember words easily by associating them with vivid images shown on the screen but catch their constant attention with entertaining aspects.



In conclusion, while the benefits of reading are undeniable, they cannot outweigh the role of TV in enhancing a person’s imaginativeness and language skills.



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