Whether charity should help people in their own country 雅思写作全球化类7分范文

Whether charity should help people in their own country 雅思写作全球化类7分范文

这道题目首次出现在2016年8月20日的雅思考试中,要求大家探讨慈善组织究竟是应该帮助本国民众,还是帮助最需要帮助的人。前者的逻辑很简单,慈善组织的资金来自于本国公民,自然应该以本国民众为先;而后者也同样有着自己的依据 – 处于死亡边缘的人肯定比其他人更需要帮助。


Some people think charity organizations should help people in great need wherever they live. However, others think they should help people in their own country. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



Charity organizations are established to provide assistance to people who are in great need, regardless of where they live. However, some individuals argue that these organizations should prioritize helping people in their own country rather than extending aid overseas. In this essay, I will examine both perspectives and give my opinion.


On the one hand, there are valid reasons why charity organizations should help people in their own country. Firstly, charity begins at home, and therefore, it is logical to provide assistance to individuals in one’s own country before extending aid to other nations. Moreover, by helping those in need within their country, charity organizations can promote a sense of community spirit and foster patriotism among citizens. Additionally, some people may argue that by helping those within their country, they can have a more significant impact on their local community and promote the growth and development of their nation.


On the other hand, some people contend that charity organizations should help people in great need wherever they live. Firstly, it is a humanitarian duty to provide aid to those who are suffering, regardless of their location. This article is from website. Furthermore, some countries may not have the resources or capacity to help their citizens adequately, and therefore, international aid may be the only option for some individuals. Additionally, by extending aid to other countries, charity organizations can promote international cooperation and goodwill.


In my opinion, while helping those in one’s own country is important, it is also crucial to recognize that some individuals around the world may require urgent assistance. Therefore, charity organizations should allocate their resources and efforts based on the severity of the situation and the level of need.



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