students should spend a period of time in another country 雅思写作7.5分范文

students should spend a period of time in another country 雅思写作7.5分范文



As a part of education, students should spend a period of time in another country to study its language and culture. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




Nowadays, learning different languages and cultures is widely recognized as an important part of education. Therefore, some people suggest that students should experience studying and living in a different country for a while. I do not agree with this idea as it is financially unrealistic.



It is true that studying abroad is a great way for students to learn about other countries. The exposure to different customs and languages can broaden young people’s horizons and open their minds. However, this way of learning means a substantial amount of expenses and as such, it is impractical for most students. The cost of accommodation and transportation is likely to put a strain on most families, especially for those with low income. Some of them are already struggling to afford the tuition, let alone send their children abroad.



On the other hand, living in a foreign country is not the only way to learn about it. Students can increase their knowledge of other nations that differ from theirs through other means. Firstly, the school is a good place for acquiring knowledge. In fact, many educational institutions have introduced courses such as foreign language and world history into their curriculum. By attending these classes, students get acquainted with foreign languages and their way of living. In addition, for those who have easy access to the Internet, websites are a convenient tool to learn. For example, if students are intrigued by a certain country, they can watch online BBC documentaries about foreign lands whenever they are free.



In conclusion, due to financial limitations, most students cannot study abroad. However, this does not impact their acquisition of knowledge about foreign languages and cultures as schools and the Internet serve as the perfect substitutions, helping them learn about the world without leaving their country.



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