雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting 有趣的地方

雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting 自己国家有趣的地方




Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting

You should say:

Where it is

How you knew it

What special features it has

And explain why you think it is interesting



The place I am going to tell you about is Chongqing, one of the most prosperous cities in southwest China. Since it spreads out on mountains, it is also called a 3-dimensional magical city. To be more specific, you may get down to the ground floor of your apartment, but find you are standing on the top of another building. There are light rails passing through blocks in the air and multi-storey overpasses where even locals can easily get lost.


Just like other cities, Chongqing possesses a wide range of artificial and natural tourist attractions, but what it is most famous for is its food. The hotpot, one of the most popular foods in China, is said to originate here. And I do not know whether it is because of the ingredients, the spices, or the atmosphere of the restaurant, but it does taste more delicious than I had in other cities before. Just talking about it now makes my mouth watering.


I cannot remember when I first heard about this city. After all, its name constantly appears in the news, textbooks, and weather forecasts. But I gained first-hand experience of it during a self-drive tour with my parents last year. This article is from website. As gourmets, they loved to drive around China to enjoy various local foods, and Chongqing had always been on their list. So when the quarantine restrictions eased, they emptied their weekend and set off immediately.


Chongqing is a city that blows my mind. You cannot imagine how surprised I was when I lived on the 22nd floor but watched the railway passing outside my window and residents stepping out of the building onto the road on the same horizon. Moreover, I am really keen on its food. Although you can have similar dishes in other places, they taste far inferior. That is why I am interested in it.


Part 3追加问题

How can people access travel information?

Do people have different personalities in different regions of your country?

What causes the differences between different regions of your country?

ls a great tourist destination also a good place to live?


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