people should have freedom for their own lifestyle decisions 雅思写作7.5分范文

people should have freedom for their own lifestyle decisions 雅思写作大作文7分范文



Some people think it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that people have healthy lifestyles. Others think people should have freedom for their own lifestyle decisions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.




Some argue that governments should regulate citizen’s behaviour to make them adopt healthy lifestyles. Although I agree that guidance and intervention from authorities can benefit people’s well-being, I am convinced that one’s freedom to decide how to live should be protected, provided that it does not interfere with other people.



It is true that government should take some actions to make sure that citizens are protected from some unhealthy behaviours. It cannot be denied that it is difficult for some to discipline themselves from yielding up to unhealthy indulgences, which not only damage their own health but also others. Therefore it is important that governments impose restrictions on these behaviours. For example, no smoking should be allowed in public places.



On the other hand, it is absolutely against the respect for basic human rights if people’s freedom of choice of their own lifestyles is completely deprived. They will live under tremendous pressure if they have to worry about toeing the line because of strict government regulations, which, for instance, specify the exact proportion of vegetables in a meal. Therefore, the government should not enforce such laws on citizens.



In my opinion, governments’ priority in terms of public health is to launch awareness campaigns to guide people to choose a healthy lifestyle according to their own situations. It is difficult to define what qualifies a healthy lifestyle, because every individual has different physical conditions. As a result, different lifestyles should be chosen on an individual basis, and the government’s role is to guide people to make their own choices by providing sufficient information about health.



In conclusion, governments should set some guidelines to encourage citizens to choose a healthy lifestyle instead of imposing laws on them.



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