more and more people buy a wide range of household goods 雅思写作8分范文

more and more people buy a wide range of household goods 雅思写作8分范文



In many countries, more and more people buy a wide range of household goods like television, microwave oven, and rice cooker. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?




Domestic appliances have become an indispensable part of our everyday life and are often on the top of the shopping list when people decorate their homes. Overall, I think they have brought enormous benefits and can therefore be categorized as a positive trend.



The various household goods have exempted people from the exhausting chore. Before their advent, so much of people’s time was devoted to washing clothes, cooking food, and mopping the floor, that they could barely take a break after work, let alone enjoy some high-quality family time. In fact, this situation had compelled a large proportion of women to relinquish their jobs and become housewives after they got married. However, with the help of microwaves, washing machines and robotic vacuum cleaners, couples now only need to press the button and leave the rest to the appliances. This convenience enables them to have affluent time to accompany each other, develop some hobbies, or indulge in books to gain more qualifications useful for their careers.



Moreover, the prevalence of white appliances also makes our life more comfortable. Global warming has dramatically increased the frequency of extreme weather. We often have torching summers and freezing winters that constantly break historic records, such as the heatwave currently sweeping across North America. These abnormal conditions would have constituted survival tests for our ancestors, but now air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, and moisture collectors have helped to maintain the indoor environment at a not only tolerable but also pleasant level. Actually, if we do not step out of our doors, the record high or low temperatures seem to have nothing to do with our lives. We can always adjust the parameters to best satisfy the demands of our bodies.



In conclusion, household goods save us from arduous duties and guard us against undesirable weather. Thus their increased popularity should be perceived as a positive trend.



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