governments should strictly control the use of fresh water 雅思写作6.5分范文

governments should strictly control the use of fresh water 雅思写作7.5分范文



Some people think they have right to use as much fresh water as they want. Others, however, believe governments should strictly control the use of fresh water as it is a limited resource. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.




Water is the elixir of life. Every living creature depends on it, be it plants, animals, or even tiny insects. Like any other natural resource, water is also limited. But unfortunately, the human being is wasting such scarce resources and does not understand its importance. As a result, a lot of countries are already struggling to provide enough water to their people, which resulted in imposing the limit on the supply of water by their respective governments. But is this justifiable? Isn’t it an attack on the freedom of their people? We will discuss both the arguments and conclude the effective ways to control water consumption.



About 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. However, only 2.5% of that is usable. With the increase in population and leisure activities, we feel the need for more water day by day. Many modern appliances use more water than necessary, like dishwashers or washing machines, which shows that people are not concerned about the shortage of water. Also, a recent study showed that people tend to waste more water in the shower and the amount of water wasted in one shower is equivalent to 5 gallons of water on which a single person can survive for about two months. Such irresponsible acts force the government to take necessary steps, and one serious step is to control and put a cap on the supply of water. But for some people, it seems to be a threat to their freedom.



Every household demands an unlimited supply of fresh water. Sadly modern equipment is not designed to consume less water, and each household ends up wasting lots of water. Apart from all necessities, a few households have a bathtub and personal pools, which demands gallons of water. People feel that water use for such appliances is their right and feel a threat to their lifestyle if any cutoff gets imposed. The cutoff might raise panic among households and may result in some havoc. A couple of countries have introduced the idea of limited supply and faced heavy retaliation from their masses.



In my opinion, Government should take the necessary steps to control the use of water. Instead of forcing the rule on their people, the government should start the initiative by awareness programs and initiating control every week. These activities will make a habit in people to use water wisely.



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