all children learning history in school is important 雅思写作教育类7分范文

all children learning history in school is important 雅思写作教育类7分范文



Some people think all children learning history in school is important. Others think learning subjects more relevant to life is important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.




History is one of the most common subjects taught at school, although some argue that it is not useful in regular modern life. This essay will look at both sides of the argument and give an opinion about the usefulness of learning history in school.



Supporters of teaching history in school claim that knowing about the past is necessary for living now. Knowledge of the past can prevent us from making the same mistakes as before. It can show us what works and what does not. For example, by learning about wars fought in the past, students can see the horrors of war and be less likely to be attracted by the idea of it. Moreover, learning about history can help people understand their culture. They can learn the origins of some of their customs and traditions and this might help them to understand their history or make them want to improve it.



On the other hand, people who oppose history as a subject in school might say that it is just taking up time from more useful subjects. In the future, students will not need to know on what date a certain battle happened, but they will need to know mathematics, science, and other modern skills. In fact, many schools are adding new subjects, like information technology, so it seems that some old subjects like history will have to make room.



Overall, although history is not a ‘modern’ subject, it should still be taught in schools. What students learn should change with the times, but history is always there and we need to learn from it in order to make a better world and not repeat the mistakes of the past.



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