OG剑桥雅思官方指南Test8Section1听力原文与答案 Hilary Lodge Retirement Home

OG剑桥雅思官方指南Test8Section1听力原文与答案 Hilary Lodge Retirement Home

剑桥雅思官方指南听力第八套题目第一部分的主题为Hilary Lodge退休之家志愿者咨询。具体内容包括:该组织机构目前运营的项目与所需要的人手,面试的时间、人物和地址,以及在开放日所能提供的帮助。下面是其对应的录音原文与答案。

OG Test8 Section1听力原文

Cathy: Hello, Hilary Lodge retirement home, Cathy speaking.

John: Hello, my name’s John Shepherd. Could I ask if you’re the manager of the home?

Cathy: That’s right.

John: Oh, good.Hello, Cathy. A friend of mine is a volunteer at Hilary Lodge, and I’d like to help out, too, if you need more people. I work part-time, so I have quite a lot of free time.

Cathy: We’re always glad of more help, John. Shall I tell you about some of the activities that volunteers get involved in?

John: Please.

Cathy: Well, on Monday evenings we organise computer training. We’ve got six laptops, and five or six residents come to the sessions regularly. They’re all now fine at writing and sending emails, but our trainer has just moved away, and we need two or three volunteers who can help the residents create documents (Q1). Just simple things, really.

John: I’d certainly be interested in doing that.

Cathy: Great. Then on Tuesday afternoons we have an informal singing class, which most of the residents attend. We’ve got a keyboard (Q2), and , someone who plays, but if you’d like to join in the singing, you’d be very welcome.

John: I work on Tuesdays at the moment, though that might change. I’ll have to give it a miss for now, I’m afraid.

Cathy: OK. Then on Thursday mornings we generally have a session in our garden. Several of our residents enjoy learning about flowers (Q3), where they grow best, how to look after them, and so on. Is that something you’re keen on?

John: I’m no expert, but I enjoy gardening, so yes, I’d like to get involved. Do you have your own tools (Q4) at the home?

Cathy: We’ve got a few. but not very many.

John: I could bring some in with me when I come.

Cathy: Thank you very much. One very important thing for volunteers is that we hold a monthly meeting where they all get together with the staff. It’s a chance to make sure we’re working well together, and that everyone knows how the residents are, and what’s going on in the home.

John: Uhuh.

Cathy: Now obviously we’d need to get to know you before you become one of our volunteers.

John: Of course.

Cathy: Could you come in for an informal interview – later this week, maybe?

John: I’m busy the next couple of days, but would Saturday (Q5) be possible?

Cathy: Certainly. Just drop in any time during the day. I won’t be working then, so you’ll see my assistant, Mairead.

John: Sorry, how do you spell that?

Cathy: It’s M-A-I-R-E-A-D (Q6). Mairead.

John: OK, got that. It’s not a name I’m familiar with.

Cathy: It’s an Irish name. She comes from Dublin.

John: Right. And the road that Hilary Lodge is in is called Bridge (Q7) Road, isn’t it?

Cathy: That’s right. Number 73.

John: Fine.

Cathy: Oh, one other thing you might be interested in – we’re holding a couple of ‘open house’ days, and still need a few volunteers, if you’re available.

John: What are the dates?

Cathy: There’s one on April 9th, and another on 14th May. They’re both Saturdays, and all-day events.

John: I can certainly manage May 14th (Q8). I’ve got another commitment on April 9th, though.

Cathy: That would be a great help. We’re having several guest entertainers – singers, a brass band, and so on – and we’re expecting a lot of visitors. So one possibility is to help look after the entertainers, or you could spend an hour or so organising people as they arrive, and then just be part of the team making sure everything’s going smoothly.

John: Well, shall I show people where they can park (Q9)?

Cathy: Lovely. Thank you. One reason for holding the open house days is to get publicity for Hilary Lodge locally. So you may find you have someone from a newspaper (Q10) wanting to interview you. They’ll want to find out from two or three people why they volunteer to help at the home. We’re trying to get a TV station to come, too, but they don’t seem very interested.

John: I don’t mind being interviewed.

Cathy: Good. Well, if you come in for a chat, as we arranged, we’ll take it from there. Thank you very much for calling.

John: My pleasure. Goodbye.

Cathy: Bye.

OG Test8 Section1听力答案

1. (simple) documents

2. keyboard

3. flowers

4. tools

5. Saturday

6. Mairead

7. Bridge

8. 14th May

9. park

10. newspaper

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