people are getting more dependent on each other 雅思写作7分范文

people are getting more dependent on each other 雅思写作7分范文



Some people think that in this modern world, people are getting more dependent on each other. Others think the modern world gets people more independent of each other. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.




It is true that human beings’ lives have witnessed dramatic changes in this day and age. Whereas many people believe that dependence is a new trend in the modern world, others reject this notion, holding a totally opposite opinion. Presented below are several factors that account for the stark contrast between these two perspectives.



On the one hand, there are a number of reasons associated with the reliance on each other in recent years. Firstly, co-operation is a must since our jobs are becoming more complicated and specialised. For instance, in a typical marketing team, there must be a leader, who supervises and delegates the tasks, a plan writer, a researching specialist and so on. No doubt this specialisation brings about various benefits, ranging from time-saving to cost-efficiency, and therefore the ability to work in teams is a common requirement at the workplace. Secondly, the unemployed rely on state budget. Apparently, recent economic crises have resulted in an increase in the number of the jobless. As a consequence, the gorvernments must provide them with financial support to prevent social instability.



On the other hand, many may argue that people are more independent for certain reasons. The prevalence of the Internet could be one of the primary causes leading to this situation. Thanks to enormous virtual database, people can easily find solutions for their problems without any help. Additionally, the fact that modern citizens tend to live in nuclear families or in small units is another justification. As young adults are encouraged to live individually, they have to make the own decisions. This newborn trend definitely promotes the independence among people.



All in all, whether people are becoming more autonomous or not should be seen in different aspects before reaching a conclusion. However, I think that our independence on each other is far more prevalent and it may retain its popularity in the future.



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