More attention is paid to being ‘responsible tourists’ 雅思写作旅游类8分范文

More attention is paid to being ‘responsible tourists’ 雅思写作旅游类8分范文



More attention is paid to being ‘responsible tourists’ to preserve the cultural and environmental aspects of tourist places. However, some people think it is impossible to be a ‘responsible tourist’ in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



The blossom of tourism has drawn people’s attention to the tourists’ behaviours. While it is reasonable to remind them of conserving the local culture and environment, I think the concept of ‘responsible tourist’ is unrealistic.



On the one hand, visitors must spare no effort to avoid polluting the scenery or disturbing the everyday life of residents. It is the tourist spots’ unique cultures, exotic customs and extraordinary views that motivate visitors to leave their comfortable homes, endure long hours of flight, and overcome geographical obstacles to arrive at an unfamiliar place. However, these attractions are often in a critical condition, most of which are on the edge of extinction. If tourists do not watch out for their behaviours, the constant inflow of outsiders will accelerate the deterioration. Eventually, the amusement of these places will vanish, and the flourishing tourist industry built on them will also shrivel, leaving citizens suffering from an economic setback.



However, the very existence of tourism itself causes disturbance to the environment and the original lifestyles. Local councils and businessmen have constructed hotels to accommodate visitors, roads to facilitate their access, and theatres to hold performances to boost tourism. These infrastructures inevitably change the layout of villages and the appearance of mountains, streams, and forests. Moreover, the interaction between tourists and natives has a devastating effect on their distinctive customs and lifestyles, which often stem from isolation. Being exposed to modern technology and different ways of life, the indigenous, especially the young generation, find it extremely challenging to stick to their traditions. They crave the colourful outside world and are highly likely to leave the village, putting a period to the continuity of local culture.



In conclusion, although tourists should pay attention to the environments and cultures of their destinations, as long as tourism is developed, these features will be gradually eroded.



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