space travel and space tourism 雅思写作7分范文

space travel and space tourism 雅思写作7分范文



Space travel has been possible for some time and some people think the space tourism could be developed in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?




Due to the development of technology and science, it would be feasible for people to travel to the universe in the years to come. Although there are some benefits of space travel, I would argue that there are far more drawbacks.



The main advantage of the trend toward space tourism is that it provides excitement and adventure to people. Customers may have a chance to unravel the complex mysteries of the cosmos. By exploring space, people can broaden their knowledge and experience with regard to the universe. Furthermore, space travel could greatly contribute to the advancement of space science. With the increased interest and high participation rate, a great deal of money and a wide range of resources could be invested in space tourism.



Despite the positives mentioned above, I believe that space travel contains various downsides. Firstly, a huge number of launching for space tourism can cause environmental pollution. Space shuttles release great quantities of exhaust fumes into the surroundings, and the ozone layer could be seriously damaged, accelerating global warming. Secondly, this type of travel will cost an enormous amount of money, which might be better spent on other purposes. For example, such a big sum of money can be used for people who suffer from war, poverty, famine and disease. Finally, space travel is likely to be very dangerous. Boarding a spacecraft and travelling through the universe tend to include a variety of potential risks, such as unexpected accidents and emergency situations.



In conclusion, while I recognize the possible advantages of space tourism, I consider it to be a negative development overall.



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